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Clip 1ª Etapa Ourinhos de Arrancada 2013 de

Drag racing, no all racing, is universal in nature.  It knows no borders or is unique to one language.  A few months ago I received an email from Brazilian drag racing enthusiast Rodrigo Poncio, who also streams racing like we do here at MMTV.  I was going through some old emails today when I ran across his note.  I decided to stop over and check out his website and Youtube channel.  I have no clue what the title means or any of the signage in the video.  But this much I do know, these folks love drag racing just as much as anybody else.  This video is very well done and worth the few minutes it takes to watch, enjoy! by Rodrigo Poncio

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Door Wars at Maryland International Raceway

Drag racing comes in all types and styles.  From your average daily driver to the small tire wonder X275.  With no wheelies bars, these cars are on the edge of crashing on every pass.  This video brings you some of the best of the class from Maryland International Raceway in Budds Creek, MD.  by TheRacingVids

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2013 March Meet Top Fuel & Funny Car

If you want to understand what drag racing was like in the early years, watching the March Meet from Famoso raceway outside Bakersfield, CA will give you a real appreciation for what fuel drag racing was like in it’s hay day.  This is the 2013 March Meet, it’s way cool! by NitroAmerica

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