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Horsepower Hustle – Galot

We’re excited to introduce you to Horsepower Hustle; an elite racing series powered by Cecil Towner.

Every HPH racing event will have 10 heads-up classes to attract everyone from seasoned professionals to budding grudge racers. Each of the 6 premiere tracks will attract and bring out the best of the best in the sport.

This series was carefully planned and strategized to set a new standard for grudge racing. Horsepower Hustle is where the bikes truly do all the talking, bringing a new attitude to the sport.

This is race #1 and MMTV is excited to bring this new series to light!


Horsepower Hustle Galot

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Upcoming Events
  • MAY13-15_DC 50K2022_290x
  • MAY20-22_GABR-Dream2022_290x
  • MAY20-22_Numidia150-2022_290x
  • MAY26-29_SFG-WSBR2022_290x
  • MAY28-30_BMM NoDELAY Natls2022_290x
  • JUNE3-5_350 Cedar SFG2022_290x
  • JUNE3-5_KotC2022_290x
  • JUNE10-12_No-Box 660 Shootout2022_290x
  • JUNE10-12_VMP-TTBS2022_290x
  • JUNE16-18_MuttJeff2022_290x
  • JUNE17-19_KBBB2022_290x
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