Aussie TURBO OVERLOAD – 1300hp Twin Turbo CHEVELLE

We couldn’t help but run over to this Chevelle as soon as we saw it pull up to the first track at Drag Week 16’, with two MASSIVE turbos protruding from the hood – it was the epitome of an “eye-catcher”. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it was built by some hilarious race enthusiast from the land down under..STRYAY baby! These guys always offered entertainment, despite the obstacles prompted by a 1000 miles of driving. Can’t wait to see whats in store for us next year!

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Cummins Diesel in a Cadillac! – Roadkill Ep. 55

Finally, a diesel swap on Roadkill! Fans asked for it, but they couldn’t have seen this coming: the victim is a 1991 Cadillac Brougham, now converted into the swingin’ Broughammer with a Cummins turbodiesel! Join Freiburger and Finnegan with special guests Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa from the Hot Rod Garage show as they hit Colorado, dig through a private junkyard, and emerge with black-smoking, tire-churning, sky-launching power. Roadkill is powered by Dodge—this time, literally!

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Hot Rod Roundup! HRG Project Cars in Drag Race Competition! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 45

In this episode of Hot Rod Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, our hosts Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take the HRG project cars from last season and drag race them against each other! We’ve got the Bonemaro, Project X, Rollsmokey, Furyroadmaster, Lucky’s Chevelle, and Tony’s Demon 340! First, we’ve got to get them all track ready, and that means fitting new brakes and 15-inch wheels and tires on the Project X—and the Bonemaro and Lucky’s Chevelle each get drivetrain upgrades! See which is the fastest!

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