Backyard built 8-second Holden

After running a string of 9.2-second passes, Mark Drew was again piloting his wife’s Holden HR street car at Heathcote. Recent changes include a larger 4in exhaust, Dominator stall converter and a custom inlet manifold which saw the turbocharged LS V8 make a touch over 800hp to the ground at MPW through street radial tyres. The old Holden still retains the factory style column transmission shifter and stock style rear leaf sprung suspension.

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1970 Chevelle HT502 Limited Slip Differential Upgrade and Dragstrip Runs!! – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 23

On this episode of HOT ROD Garage presented by Lincoln Tech, we try to get all the power from our HT502 Chevelle  to the ground! Watch Tony Angelo take you step by step detailing a complete rear end overhaul and upgrade. Watch as we take our old, beat up 2.73 open-diff rear and install all new everything including 3.73 ring and pinion gears, Auburn Cone-type LSD, new axles, bearings and seals, turning it into a proper high performance rear. Once it’s all together, we head back to the dragstrip at California Speedway to see just how much faster this Chevelle can go!

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