Cornbread Camaro BAD WRECK vs. Kye Kelley

A terrible sight seeing one of our good friends in the no prep grudge racing world flip his Nitrous Camaro multiple times totaling the car at the Redemption 4.0 No Prep race at Kennedale TX Texas Raceway this weekend. As you can see he gave Kye a run for his money until about 300 feet out where he lost traction. His strong chance to win against the Big Block Nitrous SHOCKER Camaro from Mississippi got the best of him and he got back in it, losing traction much worse the second time sending him towards the wall. When he corrected to keep it out of the wall it sent the car into a slide catching the tire just wrong, and his car flipped multiple times.

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Muscle Car Of The Week Video #60: 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury 426 Max Wedge

This 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury was about as close to a drag-ready race car as you could buy from a dealer in ’63. Besides its no-nonsense appearance, this car came equipped with the 426 Max Wedge Super Stock V8, a powerful competition engine boasting 11.1:1 compression and an advertised 415 HP at 5600 RPM. The dual-quad “short ram” intake, high-lift cam, free flowing exhaust, manual trans, Sure Grip differential, and a lack of accessories helped these cars stack up records in Super Stock drag racing. This one is from the Brothers Collection.

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Stubby Bob Fails, El Camino Wins, and Blasphemi Flops – Roadkill Ep. 44

It’s a project-car mishmash this time on Roadkill, powered by Dodge. It starts out Roadkill enough, with Finnegan surprising Freiburger with a ’50 Ford 2-ton truck that the guys thrash to shorten up into a bobber rat rod. Somewhere along the way the truck gets named Stubby, then Bob, and then it really doesn’t matter because the junk doesn’t get done in time to race from Atlanta to Wisconsin for the Car Craft Summer Nationals show. But the guys have to be there anyway. Watch as they thrash to fix the Hemi-powered Blasphemi ’55 Chevy Gasser, then cannonball to Wisconsin in Roadkill’s ’69 El Camino only to show up late. But there’s Roadkill fun anyway, with action on the autocross and the drag strip. It’s kind of a big mess, but a lot of fun as usual. Because Roadkill.

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World’s quickest street Nissan R32 GT-R

Although many have tried, it’s very rare to see a quick street driven RB powered GT-R go fast using twin turbochargers, most opting for a big single.

Built by CV Performance, John’s GT-R is now the quickest R32 in the world on street radial tyres. Weighing in at over 3800 pounds, Power comes from a custom 3.2L Nissan RB engine boosted by twin Precision turbochargers and a Motec EFI system that’s good for over 1000hp to the wheels. In order to maintain reliability John has opted for a Powerglide transmission that is mated to the factory four wheel drive system.

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