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Parachute Save at KOTS – Close call

Insane action from Kyle at 1320Video.  1500hp Twin Turbo Fox body matches up against a Nitrous Camaro as they both dance down the un-prepped track at King of the Streets Summer Race.  The interesting thing about this race, there’s no qualifying, just shutup and race.  by 1320video

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Competition Eliminator Qualifying LODRS Maple Grove May 2013

If you’ve never heard of Competition Eliminator, it would not surprise me.  It’s a great class with some of the most unique and diverse group of race cars in all drag racing.  This is round two qualifying from Saturday May 25, 2013 at the Lucas Oil Racing Series Division 1 at Maple Grove Raceway Reading, PA.  For having been shot from the stands, the quality is amazing!  by robzneed4speed

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Clip 1ª Etapa Ourinhos de Arrancada 2013 de

Drag racing, no all racing, is universal in nature.  It knows no borders or is unique to one language.  A few months ago I received an email from Brazilian drag racing enthusiast Rodrigo Poncio, who also streams racing like we do here at MMTV.  I was going through some old emails today when I ran across his note.  I decided to stop over and check out his website and Youtube channel.  I have no clue what the title means or any of the signage in the video.  But this much I do know, these folks love drag racing just as much as anybody else.  This video is very well done and worth the few minutes it takes to watch, enjoy! by Rodrigo Poncio

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