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Day 5 of HOT ROD Power Tour! Memphis, TN to Birmingham, AL

Dennis Pittsenbarger drives a Lingenfelter Camaro from Memphis, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama, and comes across champion boat racer Dave Woods at Pier 57 where Dave has quite the collection of retired race boats and a variety of hot rods and muscle cars. Once in Alabama, Dennis meets Yancy Johns and Brian Finch at the Mothers Driving Experience where hundreds of Power Tour participants race against the clock on a tight autocross track. Dennis tries to best Brian’s time on the autocross in Brian’s killer 2nd-gen Camaro. The pick of the day is Mike Mead’s 440-Six-Pack-powered ’70 Coronet R/T convertible. Keep a look out for the next video when we head to eastern Tennessee. by MotorTrend

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Taking a Military Fire Truck Off Road! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 11

On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred Williams heads to Fort Hunter Liggett to meet up with fireman Ken Hanna. Ken’s ride is a 2011 Oshkosh Striker 3000 military fire truck, used primarily to put out aircraft fires. Fred rides along to see how the water cannon works and even does a 0-60 run before watching this giant rescue vehicle do what it was built for – driving off-road! by MotorTrend

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Day 4 of HOT ROD Power Tour! Little Rock, AR to Memphis, TN

Power Tour host Dennis Pittsenbarger is in the Chevrolet Performance GM Carryall for the drive to Memphis, Tennessee, and he enjoys every one of its 700 horsepower. Once at the Memphis International Raceway we follow the results of an ongoing grudge match between a twin-turbo Chevelle and a Fox-body Mustang, and then we meet a driver whose ’67 Chevelle not only survived Power Tour, it survived Hurricane Sandy! Dennis makes a pass in a Lingenfelter Corvette and the night ends up on bluesy Beale Street where we do a bit of matchmaking. Enjoy the romance, we’ll be back on the road with more on the way to Birmingham,Alabama. by MotorTrend

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Happy Birthday America!

I can think of no better American figure, past, present or future, than John Wayne to express how I feel about America, the good ole’ US of A!  As I watched this video, I realized how blessed I am to live in this great nation.  Yes, we have our difficulties as all societies do, but none the less, we are so very fortunate to call America home! by wingman115

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Day 3 of HOT ROD Power Tour! Texarkana, AR to Little Rock, AR

On the route from Texarkana to Little Rock, host Dennis Pittsenbarger does Power Tour in a power slide behind the wheel of a Factory Five ’33. We stop along the way to find out what the locals think about Power Tour passing through their towns, and of course, to encourage a Dukes of Hazzard-themed burnout. At the venue we cheer on the teams at the Comp Cams engine build and talk to the owner of a very unusual ”79 Buick. Don’t be gone for long, next up is drag racing with Elvis! by MotorTrend

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