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Day 3 of HOT ROD Power Tour! Texarkana, AR to Little Rock, AR

On the route from Texarkana to Little Rock, host Dennis Pittsenbarger does Power Tour in a power slide behind the wheel of a Factory Five ’33. We stop along the way to find out what the locals think about Power Tour passing through their towns, and of course, to encourage a Dukes of Hazzard-themed burnout. At the venue we cheer on the teams at the Comp Cams engine build and talk to the owner of a very unusual ”79 Buick. Don’t be gone for long, next up is drag racing with Elvis! by MotorTrend

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2013 HOT ROD Power Tour Week starts today on the Motor Trend Channel

HOT ROD Power Tour is HOT ROD Magazine in action, a week-long roadtrip where readers, racers, and manufacturers hit the back roads of America to show everyone what being a car-nut is all about. If you missed your chance to join the thousands of muscle cars, customs and hot rods cruising 1500 miles from Arlington, Texas to Concord, North Carolina, you can still catch the tire smoke as the Motor Trend channel devotes a week to videos showcasing the burnouts, cars, and venues of HOT ROD Power Tour 2013, presented by Chevrolet Performance. See seven cities in seven days, all through the windshields of some of the hottest cars in the country, and culminating in a world record 73-car burnout.   by MotorTrend

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