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Trying to kill the RUFIOMOBILE

The Rufio Mobile! A $500 junk yard purchase that paid itself off in entertainment value. From the insane paint job, to the custom mohawk home-made sun-roof, to the crazy abuse that it took and WOULD NOT DIE, the RUFIOMOBILE was one of the more entertaining burnouts of the 1320Video burnout contest this year! by 1320video

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Stairway to Heaven spring AMA Pro Hillclimbs 2013, Oregonia, Ohio

Stairway to Heaven spring AMA Pro Hillclimbs 2013, held at the Devils Staircase in Oregonia, Ohio! Arriving late in the event, this is documentary video covers the final couple rounds of action after a rainstorm hit the hill, turning everything into mud! These badass Pro riders still manage to rocket up the staircase on 200-350 hp dirtbikes running %100 percent Nitro Methane.  by Wyldfantasies

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