Muscle Car Of The Week Video #51: 1965 Ford Galaxie 500

This week, we are spotlighting a car that does not appear to be very special at first glance. After all, Ford made over 420,000 1965 Galaxies, most of which were plain Jane four-door sedans. However, this one is special. The similarity between “humdrum” and “hang on” occurs the moment you open the hood to find a 427 cube R-Code dual quad V-8 cranking out over 425 hp through a factory four-speed transmission. This is an R-Code 427 four-speed car from the factory, the only one known in the Galaxie registry. This car proves that the Brothers Collection has more than a few tricks up their sleeves!

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American Rock Sports Challenge KrawlZone

In this edition of the Lost Episodes, the KrawlZone team is in Tooele Utah for the first ever American Rock Sports Challenge. Ultra4 has grown this event to be bigger and badder, but KZ was there for this inaugural event. We had Tech Tim on tap to give us the low down and talked with winner Kevin Sacalas about his win.

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