Motorhome Mashup Part 1: Building a Monster Go-Kart from a 1986 Pace Arrow! – Dirt Every Day

Have you ever dreamed of building a giant go-kart powered by a Chevy 454 big block? On this episode of Dirt Every Day, Fred enlists the help of the Poly Goats, a local university four wheel drive club, to help destroy a 1986 Pace Arrow motorhome and transform it into a giant go-kart. Watch the destruction as Fred and the Poly Goats take sawzalls, sledge hammers, and crowbars to this Pace Arrow RV, stripping it down to the bare frame and drivetrain in preparation for building the baddest V8 go-kart of all time!

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GRUBBY’S GARAGE – The One About the Fuel System (NHRA Top Fuel Dragster)

Grubby’s Garage is open again! In this episode Grubby answers a question from Tim Robertson via @Twitter – “How does the fuel system on a Top Fuel dragster work?” Do you want a question answered and possibly featured on a future episode of Grubby’s Garage?! Send us your questions on Facebook ( of on Twitter ( Be sure to use the hashtag #AskGrubby. Enjoy!

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V8 Ford Cortina guns for 9s

Mick’s Ford Cortina is powered by a naturally aspirated Ford 369ci Windsor small block V8 engine complete with AFR cylinder heads. The street car ran very well on pump fuel and radial tyres.

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