MotorManiaTv’s Light Out VI Thrills and Spills E1

From Check out the carnage,Thrills and Spills from Light Out VI Buzzing the Tower. Wild Wheelstands, Awesome saves and all kinds of Carnage.

Everything from the Wild unpredictability of Radial VS the World to Leaf Spring and so much more if you missed it then tune in September 24th – 27th when we do it all over again at No Mercy VI

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Muscle Car Of The Week Video #56: 1966 Ford Fairlane 427 Lightweight

What happens when you mix a lightweight body with a high-powered 427?   Ford set out to find out with this 1966 Fairlane, and the results were awesome.    This Fairlane does not look like anything special, being completely devoid of racy looking stripes or fancy trim, but the giveaway is the scooped lift-off hood and the discreet 427 badges on the fenders.    This car is boasting lightweight aluminum and fiberglass panels from front to back, and has been assembled without creature comforts inside.

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